The only Machine in the world capable of producing two different types of fence knot.

The UMC FLM Machine produces two types of knotted fence.

Stay Lokk Fixed Lokk
Stay-Lokk---P1 Fixed-Lokk---Knot-one-colour

The patented UMC Fence Lokk Machine can produce Fixed Lokk or Stay Lokk type fence on one Machine with minimal downtime when changing between fence types.

This is the only Machine in the world capable of producing these two types of fence knots.

The Machine can be delivered with one set of tooling, for customers who only require one type of fence, or a second set of tooling can be purchased that will allow the machine to produce both types of fence knot.

There are two Machine sizes (widths); 6’ft (1829mm) wide Machine can be mechanically or electrically controlled 10’ft (3048mm) wide Machine is fully electrically controlled.


  • The FLM Machine produces Fabricated Wire Fence in various roll sizes and knot types used for numerous applications from Livestock to Security and Exclusion Fencing.
  • Dual end wire feed systems allow for production of two fences at the same time.
  • Automated Crimp Drum allows for rapid changeovers when specification changes are required.
  • Roll shuttle allows for a controlled motion to layer the fence before the windup. This prevents the knots or line wires from ‘stacking’ on top of each other, keeping the roll diameter compact.
  • Finished rolls are automatically removed to the tie-off and pickup zone, allowing for continuous production. When the finished roll ends are secured, the roll clamp re-sets to the windup area.
  • Reporting module provides for Machine displayed operational status including faults, run hours, mechanical history. Mobile device compatible with remote distribution of reports.


Rapid change over time between fence spacings, and fence knot types.


  • Knot system requires fewer parts and less complexity.
  • Quick change components for ease of maintenance and rapid replacement of wire contact area components.
  • Additional height back-frame for better coiled wire payoff.
  • Rockwell AB Automation and hardware used throughout.
  • Automatic distribution of alerts or remote reports for faults and production data.


  • Integrated PLC Machine Safety with light curtains, laser scanner, and magnetic RFID guard sensing.
  • Lifting operator platform for ease of wire threading.
  • Front and rear HMI interfaces for operators with Hand wheel adjustment for slow speed operation and Machine set-up.
  • Individual axis control over knot tying motion.
  • Machine sits on feet allowing all-round access for cleaning and machine inspections.


  • Machine flexibility means smaller factory footprint, fewer cables, air lines, required to produce two types of fence.
  • Lower noise dB levels in factory.


  • Fixed Lokk production at up to 50bpm (stay wires per minute) is a 25% increase in productivity over other machines.
  • Long roll length capability; roll size up to 1300mm diameter/1500kg maximum.
  • Regenerative power convertors supply excess power back into the factory wide grid.
  • Modular design requires less time to install and commission.


Machine Model FLM – 6M FLM – 6S FLM – 10S
Control System Mechanical Electrical
Site Power 400 – 460 V / 50amp 3phase 400 – 460 V / 80amp 3phase 400 – 460 V / 100amp 3phase
Site Air Min. 6 bar – 10 ltr/minute Min. 6 bar – 30 ltr/minute
Maximum Fence Height 1900mm (75”) 3048mm (120”)*
Maximum Line Wires Fixed Lokk 17 lines 28 lines
Stay Lokk 26 lines
Line Wire Spacings Fixed Lokk Minimum 76mm (3”) – Can be increased in increments or multiples of 12.7mm (1/2”)
Stay Lokk
Stay Wire Spacings Fixed Lokk Minimum 76mm (3”) – Can be increased in increments or multiples of 25mm (1”)
Stay Lokk Minimum 51mm (2”) – Can be increased in increments or multiples of 25mm (1”)
Line Wire Fixed Lokk 2.50mm (0.098″)
850-1390 MPa (50-90 Ton/sq. in.)
Stay Lokk
Stay Wire Fixed Lokk 2.50mm (0.098”)
525-850 MPa (34-55 Ton/sq. in.)
Stay Lokk
Tie Wire Fixed Lokk 2.24mm (0.088”)
400-525 MPa (32-34 Ton/sq. in.)
Stay Lokk 2.50mm (0.098”)
400-850 MPa (32-55 Ton/sq. in.)
Production Speeds – beats per minute (maximum possible) Fixed Lokk 40 BPM 30 BPM – 3” & 18” – 24” spacings
50 BPM – 6” – 9” – 12” spacings
Stay Lokk 60 BPM – 18” & 24″ spacings
80 BPM – 2” – 12″ spacings
Maximum Roll Diameter 600mm (23.5”) 1,300mm (51.2”)
Maximum Roll Weight 500Kg (1,100lbs) 1,500Kg (3,300lbs)
*Maximum combined width for dual fence 9’ 4” (2844.8mm).
Specifications can change upon request.


Machine Model FLM – 6M FLM – 6S FLM – 10S
Dual Stay Wire Feed    
Extended Fence ends  
Automatic label inserter  
Centre Hinge Twister (not available in NZ)    
2.00mm (0.079”) 14.5 ga
Automatic Cut and Reload  
Remote Support (local Internet Connection required)  


View from finished product end   Fence layering onto Windup
Windup with Roll Clamp behind Roll   1500m/4900’ft (1.5km) long fence



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